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Flying the virtual skies since the 90s, taking you along for the ride since 2020!


Hello and welcome to FilbertFlies! I’m a flight simulation YouTuber and Twitch streamer, creating content since the launch of MSFS 2020. I’ve been into flight simulation since my first go on Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows 95 as a child. I’ve used every version of MSFS since as well as P3D v4 & v5 and I’m as in love with the hobby as ever. I hope you find this site to be a useful resource for your own flight simming, and I hope you’ll pop by and say hello on a stream soon.


Live Streaming

I try to stream three times per week, split between Twitch and YouTube. I stream real-world airliner flights, both current and historic, usually on Vatsim (an online virtual air traffic control network). I also throw in the occasional VFR group flight to admire the gorgeous world of MSFS up close. Because I work shifts, I don’t have a regular streaming schedule, but you can check for upcoming streams on the stream schedule!